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Art Design Salary Range

November 9, 2017

Arts & Animation

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If you’re thinking about getting a degree in art and design, you’re probably wondering what the job outlook is like. The career options vary greatly. Once you are done with school you could become an animator, fashion designer, graphic designer, interior designer or photographer depending on what kind of program you complete. The art design salary range for most common art design salary can vary and might change depending on a number of factors.

If you are looking at jobs such as movie animator or video game animator, it can be difficult to pinpoint your exact earning potential. The kind of company you work for, how much experience you have, whether or not you’ve completed the required years of school, where you live and whether you work on a contract or permanent basis will all affect your salary. The median art design salary for cartoonists and animators is between about $45,000 and $61,000.

A career in fashion might sound lucrative, but only the very top of the best fashion designers in the world earn millions or billions of dollars. It has been estimated that the middle 50 percent of fashion designers in the U.S. with three to five years experience earn between $35,000 and $52,000 with room for more earning potential if your career grows. The same is true of jobs in the interior design field. In their first two years in the industry, most interior designers make anywhere from $29,000 to just over $41,000. But after eight or more years of experience, that art design salary range is more like $54,000 to $81,000.

Graphic design is another great avenue to take if you are thinking of getting a degree in the arts, as this is a burgeoning field. There are many career choices in the graphic arts, though, and the median salary varies quite a bit from one job to the next. The median art design salary is $72,000 for an art director, $98,000 for a creative director, $45,000 for a designer, $62,000 for a senior designer, $60,000 for a freelance designer, and $55,000 for a web designer. An entry-level designer will only earn around $35,000, but there is great room for advancement. As with any job, it’s important to do as much research as you can to find the right career.

Your Money’s Worth – Why Are Anime Figures Expensive?

November 9, 2017

Arts & Animation

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Anime figures are often criticised for their price, ranging from £10.00 to £20.00 per piece. Anime figures are only toys that easily get dirty and broken once kids start to play with them, so why sell them at a high cost? They seem to be just like any other toy that expires after a week. The consumers seem to be shortchanged with such bargain.

But there is actually more to anime figures than what meets the eye. If you look closely into the figure, you will notice that every detail is well-thought out and beautifully crafted. Moreover, it can also be observed that the quality of the material used to build it is superb and flawless.

In truth, they are not mere toys, but art forms created not to satisfy the appetite of the masses, but to meet the highest standards of cultured men.

Behind Every Anime Figure is an Artist

Toys are usually made in batches. Normally, this is done in a factory. Industrial workers produce toys using machines.

In stark contrast, anime toys are created by individual artists who use their bare hands when they work. It is not machines that make them but men with mind and soul. This is why it is very noticeable that every feature, even the smallest of detail, in each one of them is done in perfection.

A manga book fanatic will know for a fact that each element-from the shoe, to the eyebrow colour, to the nail polish-found in every figure faithfully resembles its original form which can be found in the manga where it was based from. This is because the sculptors who make the figures collaborate closely to the manga’s illustrator. This dialogue adds to the artistic creation of each masterpiece.

Anime Figures Expressing Man’s Inner Thoughts and Feelings

Normally, when we think of anime, what immediately comes to mind are large eyes, big breasts and long legs. In Japanese culture, they explain that this kind of human portrayal reflects the Japan’s frustrations as a race.

Most Japanese want to have large eyes, big breasts and long legs. For them, having those qualities make a person attractive. This view of beauty stands evident in how the Japanese represent man in anime.

However, nature gave the typical Japanese the exact opposite of what they want: two small eyes, two small breasts and two short legs. This is why the dream to have large eyes, big breasts and long legs is only made possible by the Japanese through the creation of action.

Toys As Japanese Sculptures

Japan believes that the anime figure is a form of Japanese sculpture. It is a product of modernity. The Japanese have high esteem to this new breed of sculpture as it appeals even to the kids. According to the Japanese, these new sculptures ought to be treated with utmost care and respect for they are not mere toys.

Figures As High Art

Overall, toys are priceless pieces of art. They were made by human beings through the creative use of their mind and soul in order to express ideas and emotions.